Anime Movie: Ghost In The Shell-1995

This cyperpunk anime ought to be in the memory of every anime loving human/cyborg out there. They might have come across GITS in this vast and infinite net of information.

I was hacked into the GITS universe by the sequel movie Innocence. I’m not a fan of mecha or cyberpunk but this series is an exception.

Today is finally the day  I watch the original movie. There are several aspects from the movie which have caught my attention.

I’m amazed why the puppetmaster refutes the suggestion of being an AI when infact section 6 created and he became sentient by learning through the vast web.(contradicting the description of an AI). I widely acknowledge the recurring theme in many scifi/mecha anime out there who question and challenge the concept of an AI or a human.

Another interesting aspect is what does the fusion of humanity and technology aim to achieve in the future? There is no showcase that the cybernetic upgrades resulting in superhuman abilities have made life any better. It’s ironic how the sentient nonhuman (idk what i shall call this  puppetmaster) identifies the essence of life which is creation through reproduction, acceptance of death and evolution by merging with Kusanagi.

We find that the puppetmaster’s goal is achieved when Batou asks Kusanagi who is in the child like cyborg body, that if the Major is still present in her. Clearly she denies it, saying its neither but a combination of both. I’m in awe at the symbolism here that Kusanagi’s new physical form is a child and not an adult, perhaps alluding to the result of  reproduction.

Coming to the soundtrack, Kenji Kawaii’s symphonies has cast me away into the depths of the vast net. The music perfectly sets the mood for introspection and upgrades the bleakness onto a whole new level.

I just cannot say enough about this movie.


The resurgence of Anime

After an year of hibernation from anime, I am starting to realise what I have missed out on. Its not that I had completely put off watching anime. Quite irregularly I tried to finish sequels like AOT, Aoi no Exorcist and such. Its time for anime hunting season!

To make things easier I always start off with browsing Random Curiosity for any off the top stuff . I’m quite interested to know the current trends in anime.

I have created a list based on my findings-

  1. Kekkai sensen and beyond – Yay, this has a sequel, even though the original ended below expectations.
  2. Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi no Togi – I didnt know JS had sequels too. Its time I revisited the series that I avoided to watch because of its eeriness.
  3. Vatican Kiseki Chousakan – I’m liking the mystery oomphf this series is going to provide.
  4. Juuni Taisen – 
  5. Kino no Tabi -the Beautiful World- the Animated Series
  6. Dies Irae – Visual novel adaptation
  7. Mahoutsukai no Yome

Thats it for now. If I manage to follow even one of them religiously, it would be a feat for me.


KMovie : Twenty

I stumbled across this movie, rather randomly. I was going through my facebook news feed and lately a lot a kmemes are showing up too. There was this, your rather everyday funny meme –

I recognised Kim Wo Bin right away and lmaoed at the cheeky humour.

I gotta say, times have changed. Today memes decide what movie I’ll watch. Memes are important, they help me resolve dilemmas and enhance my decision making. Also I thought its been some time since I saw Wo Bin on the screen and I like 2PM Junho’s acting, so lets just hop onto it.

Let me tell you. I’m no stranger to korean fluff and romance movies.

For this one, the verdict being – Trust your memestincts.

It’s clear that, Twenty is a coming of age movie. It follows the lives of three teenagers who are at the cross roads of deciding what to do with their lives now that they are in their twenties. While much of the focus seems on their love lives and trying to get a girl, that is not all there is to it. As the movie progresses you’ll realise these brats are seriously like any other kid out there. Absolutely no idea about their life. While this movie highlighted the unpredictability of one’s own decisions, it did so in the perfect humour that will remind you of your mates. From the looks of it, it felt like this one would be another cliched comedy with a perfect ending, but let me no further spoil you. It’s one of those movies, you’ll not care how it ends, but rather wish to just enjoy the soap opera of these bratty young adults.

They say twenties are the good times. Why? Because according to the movie and rightly, its the only time you can have bad times. If you don’t try, how will you ever know. 🙂

Signing off,



[Anime Review]: Shingeki no Kyojin S2

[This post is laden with spoilers for season 2]

I feel like I have a lot to say for this season. Initially I was afraid of the series not being able to meet the hype surrounding this season. But the last two episodes prove me wrong!

Though this season started as though it didn’t have much to offer, despite the shitload of mysteries surrounding the Titans and the Walls, the last two episodes made up for much of the boring storyline initially-focused a tad bit too much on the relation between Ymir and Christa. Coming to the finale episodes, firstly I was not expecting the scouts to make a mission right away to get back Eren given their unsuccessful expedition of finding the hole in the wall. Erwin has definitely put everything on the line and has proved his mettle as the commander. He waged an all out battle against the boys and in the process demonstrated what Eren means  to the humanity.

My favourite moment has to be the futile punch that Eren throws at the Titan who ate his mother. It was such a sad mocking moment when a human is pitted against a Titan. But who would expect that the very punch though weak physically was so powerful in its spirit that it literally summoned and commanded nearby Titans to rip it apart to its death. A gruesome death symbolic of revenge on Eren’s mother.

As this happened we are equally shocked to learn that Eren is the Coordinate that Reiner and Bertholdt were speaking about and we finally understand what this means to the future of humanity. No wonder they were so eager to take Eren as a means to end their suffering.  Though we get Eren back at a heavy price in terms of lives lost, the way things culminated were quite satisfying in terms of the roles the characters played. Erwin’s execution of his plan by staking his life alongside his soldiers was lo and behold. Armin yet again showcased his intellectual on the battlefield by creepy manipulating Bertholdt. Christa finally managed to kill a Titan and comes to terms with bipolar Ymir. Jean and Connie are the best comrades for any soldier and they too displayed the much needed rationality on the battlefield.

As all the fiasco culminated, Erwin rightly remarks that they are one step closer to the truth. The sad truth that the true identity of Titans were perhaps humans and Levi’s scorn at the irony that all this while perhaps they were only killing humans. The episode ends with Erwin’s words, “One day we will break down this wall, hiding the truth….”, with a determined look on their faces the scouts gaze beyond the walls, being watched by from far in the distance the figure of Eren’s father sitting atop the Ape Titan, who perhaps holds the key to secrets why Eren is a Titan after all.





A song for her

It has come she says,

she looks around and it slips away,

Thats happiness running away again,

Playing its game of hide and seek,

Stealthily comes when she turns her back and closes her eyes,

As she counts, she hears it laugh and scream

lingering in a maze without an end,

she lies an eternity,

she says, why is everyday the same?

Am I me? I am not .

Who has taken over me?

Who do I want to be?

So many questions, brimming her eyes,

As she looks at the sky,

she only sees its blue light,

and she reaches her hand out to it,

but she knows its out of her grasp,

She wants the sky too bad,

it hurts her so sad,

and then she closes her eyes,

murmurs and counts,

till she opens them again,

And happiness dances before her…..




Visual Kei

Through time, with Visual Kei…….

For me Visual Kei expressed the freedom one intensely craves and it rightly resonated with me. The stylistic costumes and makeup exhibited by the artists coupled with their thematically expressed music videos consummate my elevated desires in today’s times . Perhaps this form of an exaggeration might seem strange or even amusing to some, but it is truly an expression, an intense self expression delivered from the depths of the soul and a concomitant release from incarcerations tied to one’s spirits . I am forever indebted to Japan for engendering this part of an iconic subculture.

Speaking of visual kei bands, I am an avid listener of The Gazette. Their music is rehabilitating in the sense that it is absolute symbolism at point blank range. It sure takes time to understand this kind of music and but for some it really hits hard the first time and it’s as if you were just born to listen to this kind of music (speaking for myself ofcourse :p). Like most of visual kei, they really focus on the derangement arising from fallacies in the human society. Exactly how is this uplifting might be a question to some, but once you see and listen to what they create, you’d surely appreciate their art as an outlets for one of the most byzantine emotions faced by humans.

On Music

How to address a bunch of douchebags who claim to have come across “high art” style of music, with a self imposed pretense of hating on other styles?. I have no qualms whatsoever to how they judge themselves or their own music they listen to. But what kind of “high art” tells one to look down on other kinds of artistic productions?

Across societies, “High art”  is something that elevates one’s soul to a higher level. An enriched experience of euphoria or hysteria. Exaltations in experience to such a level, engendering an almost apparent nirvana, shouldn’t it subdue the mind, body and soul?

The state which you are in affects your perception and sensation of the music. More akin to dressing up according to occasion. You should not flaunt your Chanel bag for an outing in the Amazon forest. Similarly, the music is not to blame. The alcohol is!